Sunday, September 24, 2017

Steam is Supreme - Part Three

We continue with Part Three following Pat and my train across the IPP&W/RP&M landscape.
Pat has had to depart the scene for a family commitment so I am on my own.  I will miss my trusty partner.

We started out aboard 327 out of Glenn Hammond bound for Firgrove.
At Firgrove we turned our locomotive and ran the reverse train, 304 back to Nelson Yard.
Finally, we are aboard the continuation of the 304, train 314 from Nelson to Craig Leigh.

I glance over at Mercer siding where I see Seanna with her passenger train no its approach to Peter's Pond.

314 tiptoes across the big trestle reaching Lilly.

Looking to my right I find the ore train downgrade at "The Ledges".

We round the bend at Lilly while skipper Henk works the siding at Gouda with the ore train seen off in the distance.

The Nelson Yard penny holder greet our train as we travel down the grade into BLockhouse.

We wave to the station master at Blockhouse as we trundle by.

We've already anticipated the uphill challenge to the west of Spruce and we have the throttle on full.

Departing Spruce.

Arriving Ironwood in a stealth fashion.

My work in Ironwood is all trailing so I should be in and out in no time at all.

I catch a glimpse of the ore train ascending the hill over near Spruce.

Lela and Paul are hard at work way over in Cedar Rock.

I've protected my train in anticipation of the unit train.

Passing through.

Then up to Mount St. Helens.

The tail end.

Back to work in Ironwood.

Doug checks in on things in the shade.

Bernie and Bob work the Northland Ore Dock.

She's full.

Looking beautiful.

Lovely locos.

Both owned by Bob.

Bernie continues to work Craig Leigh.

Loads and empties.

Another angle.

A wider view.

Head on.

Chris and Lawrence now have Cedar Rock all to themselves.

Checking the state of things.

Steve has a young lad throw his turnouts for him.

An avid railfan he is.

Choo, Choo!

Our mother and daughter team.

My train climbs up to Mount St. Helens.

Arriving the Mount.

Looks like there have been other visitors here as well.

Our little assistant.

Bernie instructs Seanna to pull her train up into Northland.
The locomotive uncouples.

While I await my turn to enter Craig Leigh.

Helen moves the locomotive while Seanna handles a turnout and Bernie looks on.

Bernie has no backed the passenger train away from Northland and I am cleared into the yard.

Slow approach.

I'm not the only railfan it would seem!  Hehehe!

Entering Douglas Yard from below.

My locomotive loves the shade, for sure!

The passenger consist continues its journey to the end of the line.

While 314 terminates in Douglas Yard.  My day is done!

Time to snag a few more shots.

Steve parks his locomotive.

In its fancy case.

Bernie follows suit.

Then it's my turn.

I have to back in on the south leg of the wye.

That will lead me to the engine house side track.

Where it soon will be time for bed.



Slower still.

Really slow!

Almost there.

Can you read me a bedtime story!

Too late!

Back at Nelson Yard, Henk is enjoying himself.

Now, I'm 66...but next week I'll be...

Table talk.


Great friends.

What a great morning.

Oh no, me again being sandwiched by Bernie and Doug.  Oh well, the bread part of this sandwich is good!  Hehehe!

Have a great week!  Check in soon for a look at our diesel operations of September 23rd.
Mike Hamer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada