Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Narrow Gauge Session - September 24, 2016

The seasons have turned the page and we find ourselves in autumn as my Annie crosses the big trestle outside of Nelson Yard.
My good friend, Pete, from Wolfville, NS is in control of my locomotive.
I crew with Pete aboard 318 out of Glen Hammond with a destination of Craig Leigh.

We pierce the trestle in the opposing direction from the first image in the post.

At Blockhouse, we are in the local environs of Nelson Yard where Pete and I receive some precious cargo en-route.

Pete has 318 upgrade outside of Spruce.

We drill Valley Supply at Spruce.

Interesting loads on both cars.

We are now through Ironwood.

Upgrade to Mount St. Helens.

Pete relishes the shade at Mount St. Helens.

We check in on 327, the other turn out of Glen Hammond.

Paul's steam locomotive is a real beauty.

Paul and Lela work the tracks at the end of the branch up in Cedar Rock.

John and Garry run 301, the westbound IPP&W train that runs the length of the railroad.

After departing Craig Leigh, we find them working the facing sidings at Mount St. Helens.

They are protected in the siding for a pass from Train 15.

Then it's on the way to Ironwood.

And in to Spruce.

Lawrence and Pat work 301's counterpart, 302.

They are downgrade at Watkin's Siding.

Some nice tail end equipment.

With Lawrence's beautiful steam locomotive on the point.

Beneath Mount St. Helens.
Lawrence keep an eye on his train while Pat keeps an eye on their orders.

Steve has Passenger #2 underway eastbound at Watkins.

Much later, he's upgrade.

About to round the big bend into Spruce.

He keeps a watchful eye on his consist.

Into Ironwood.

Where he meets our train as it works the sidings.
Out of Ironwood bound for Mount St. Helens.

Henk and Pat are RP&M'ers on this morning.

As is Paul.

While Seanna works Ralph Yard in Firgrove.

With her husband, Steve.

While Brian controls the yard at Craig Leigh.

Brian's controller.

Brian's locomotive.

Colin and Paul at Nelson Yard.

With Gord.

A low shot of the three yards; Nelson, Glen Hammond, Stuart in Bell.

Thanks for the tasty butter tarts, Colin!

Looks like some sort of celebration is about to get underway.

Colin passes a tart to Henk with a candle upon it.

Henk tries to blow out the candle.

His second attempt...hehehe!

Meanwhile, Steve sent me these two pics of the beautiful bridge Lawrence built which now resides on Steve's home road.
Great job on the bridge, Lawrence!

again, birthday wishes to Henk.
Check in at a later date for more images and stories from the session!
All the best,
Mike Hamer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada